Clarson Apparatebau GmbH

Intercom and Communication Systems - Made in Germany - Made in Black Forest

The company name "Clarson" has been taken from the Latin "clarus sonus" meaning "clear sound"

For more than 60 years the CLARSON APPARATEBAU GMBH of Dauchingen in Germany, located on the edge of the Black Forest, has built up a world reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of commercial intercoms and communication systems.

Clarson has become the leading supplier of full duplex commercial intercom systems with simultaneous speech channels in both directions. The full duplex technology enables communication without annoying voice-switching circuits. In addition all Clarson designs are based on a wide frequency range providing clear audio even in noisy environments.

Ongoing in-house design and development ensures that our products are based on the latest technology for increased functionality, reliability and life expectancy. Due to Clarson´s manufacturing flexibility communication systems are custom configurable to suit even the most complex requirements.

Clarson´s industrial intercom systems are all custom-built solutions with clear voice reproduction allowing excellent communication in spite of adverse ambient noise levels. Industrial intercom stations are housed in very solid cases offering a variation of protection classes depending on requirements.

Clarson intercom systems can be found in a variety of applications like service counters with glass windows, in offices, surgeries, embassies, industrial plants, hospitals, parking stations, prisons etc. – in short, wherever reliable and troublefree communication is required.